Our environment Worksheet-1

Our environment Worksheet-1


Fill in blanks:

  1. _______ is the sum total of all external conditions and influences that affect the life and development of an organism


  1. _______ is colloidal solution of solids in air.


  1. Chlorofluorocarbons cause depletion of _______ layer.


  1. In stratosphere, ozone layer protects us from _______ radiations.


  1. Some non-biodegradable chemicals like DDT enter our food chain and get accumulated in the bodies of organisms with increase in amount and effect at each step. This is called ______.


  1. Animals which depend on plants as well as other animals are _______.


  1. Group of micro-organisms that breaks the complex dead organic matter into simpler substances by a natural process is called _______.


  1. _______ are very minute microscopic organisms freely floating on the surface of water in a pond, lake, river or ocean.


  1. The aquatic plants which are photosynthetic microscopic, free floating and form producers in the aquatic ecosystem are called _______.


  1. The aquatic animals which are microscopic, free floating and depend upon phytoplanktons for their food are ______.


  1. Ozone is formed by the action of ______ on oxygen of the air in the upper atmosphere


  1. ________ make their own food by the process of photosynthesis. _______ cannot make their own food


  1. Food chain transforms ______ energy into ______ energy


Answer Key:

  1. environment

  2. aerosol

  3. ozone

  4. Ultra violet

  5. Biomagnification

  6. omnivores

  7. decomposers

  8. planktons

  9. phytoplanktons

  10. Zooplankton

  11. sunlight

  12. Autotrophs, Heterotrophs

  13. Solar, chemical