English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-100

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-100


  1. Organisms that live in the forests have ______ ways of staying alive. It is not as simple as what many people think.

A. complex                                     B. compound

C. composite                                  D. combined


  1. The young girl died because she was overcome by the ______ in the fire.

A. fumes            B. vapours         C. gas                  D. haze


  1. Aayush draws for various comic books. He is a/an _____ for these comic books,

A. illustrator     B. drawer          C. creator          D. composer


  1. The discovery of _____ parts of a human body gives us clues about the type of lives that were led in the past.

A. Skeletal                                      B. Bony

C. Cadaverous                               D. Undernourished


  1. Everyone in the tour group was _____ by the irresponsible couple who did not arrive at the airport on time.

A. held back      B. held up          C. held on          D. held off


  1. I reached the barber's after I ______ past the toy shop.

A. walk                                            B. walked

C. have walked                              D. had walked


  1. The workers _____ build a bigger house if they are given more time.

A. can                 B. may


  1. The weather was hot _____ we decided not to wear our sweaters.

A. Since              B. However       C. Still                D. Therefore


  1. My uncle and I are both in the swimming competition. As he is older than I am, we are in different ____.

A. categories     B. sections         C. classes           D. sets


  1. Many students went to the ____ because they wanted to try out for the role of Cinderella in the play

A. rehearsals                                 B. performances

C. plays                                          D. auditions


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-A; (3)-A; (4)-A; (5)-B; (6)-D; (7)-A; (8)-D; (9)-A; (10)-D