Phrasal verbs Worksheet-4

Phrasal verbs Worksheet-4


Fill in the blank with the correct phrasal verb:

  1. He was extremely _____ when he scored the highest marks.

A. Puffed out                                 B. Puffed in

C. Puffed up                                   D. Puffed down


  1. Be careful when you _____ the bus.

A. Get off           B. Get up            C. Get down      D. Get up to


  1. This cupboard must be _____ before we can store anything in it.

A. Cleaned in                                 B. Cleaned into

C. Cleaned out                               D. Cleaned from


  1. Anita _____ the table after tea.

A. Cleared away                            B. Cleared up

C. Cleared with                             D. Cleared in


  1. The furniture was ______ before we moved in.

A. Cleared away                            B. Cleared down

C. Cleared in                                  D. Cleared for


  1. The meeting has been _____ due to the heavy rains.

A. Called in                                    B. Called off

C. Called of                                    D. Called out


  1. Shut the door and _____ that noise.

A. Block out      B. Block for       C. Block with    D. Block in


  1. “Have you _____ the details of the case, Inspector?”

A. Gone for                                     B. Gone in

C. Gone over                                  D. Gone down


  1. The dog _____ the stranger as soon as it saw him.

A. Went into      B. Went for       C. Went in         D. Went out


  1. The lights suddenly _____ last night, it made us feel blind.

A. Went out       B. Went in         C. Went up        D. Went for


Answer Key:

  1. C

Explanation: Puffed up = boastful, elated


  1. A

Explanation: Get off = climb down from


  1. C

Explanation: Cleaned out = cleaned thoroughly, made completely empty and clean


  1. B

Explanation: Cleared up = tidied


  1. A

Explanation: Cleared away = removed


  1. B

Explanation: Called off = cancelled.


  1. A

Explanation: Block out = shut out


  1. C

Explanation: Gone over = inspected, read


  1. B

Explanation: Went for = attacked


  1. A

Explanation: Went out = be extinguished