Sources of energy Worksheet-9

Sources of energy Worksheet-9


  1. What is a solar power plant? Name one such plant in our Country.


  1. What is anaerobic degradation?


  1. What causes the wind to blow?


  1. How can wood be made a renewable source of energy?


  1. Why is Nuclear fuel classified as renewable source of energy?


  1. Geothermal energy is classified as a renewable source of energy. Why?


  1. To which category of fuel does hydrogen belong to?


  1. How is slurry left over after generation of biogas in biogas plant used?


  1. Name the largest component of biogas.


  1. Name the process by which energy is produced in a nuclear reactor.



  1. In solar power plants, sunlight is concentrated on black painted pipes which are filled with water with the help of concave reflectors. Due to solar heat, water starts boiling and then slowly changes into steam. This steam rotates a steam turbine which drives a generator to produce electricity.

A solar thermal power plant of 22 kW capacity is in operation at Solajipally village in Andhra Pradesh.

A 50 kW solar thermal power plant is being installed at the Twal Pahari Premises of the Solar Energy Centre, Gurgaon (Haryana).


  1. It is the process of decomposition of animal and plant wastes by anaerobic bacteria in the presence of water but in the absence of air to form methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide. Anaerobic bacteria (or anaerobe) is a minute organism that can live without free oxygen.


  1. Equatorial regions on the Earth receive more solar radiation than other parts of the Earth. The air at equatorial regions is hotter and rises upwards into the atmosphere. The cooler air from other regions (especially polar regions) starts blowing to the equatorial regions to fill the space vacated by hot air. It is this moving air that is called wind.


  1. Wood can be made a renewable source of energy only if trees are planted in a planned manner.


  1. Nuclear fuel is required only in a very small quantity to generate electric power and it is inexhaustible.


  1. Geothermal energy will be available for a long time.


  1. Hydrogen is classified as a renewable source of energy.


  1. The slurry is rich in nitrogenous and phosphorus compounds and it serves as excellent manure.


  1. The largest component (up to 75%) of biogas is methane.


  1. Energy is produced by the process of nuclear fission.