Plant Life Worksheet-1

Plant Life Worksheet-1


  1. Identify the part of the flower shown above.

(a) Sepal            (b) Petal             (c) Style              (d) Anther


  1. Identify the part of the flower shown above.

(a) Petal             (b) Anther         (c) Stigma         (d) Sepal


  1. Which is an unlikely place for mosses and liverworts to grow?

(a) Sheltered rocks                       (b) Shady side of trees

(c) Moist soil                                 (d) Dry papers


  1. A new moss or liverwort plant grows from _______.

(a) Spores          (b) Eggs             (c) Sperms        (d) Seeds


  1. What do chloroplasts need to make food?

(a) Sunlight                                    (b) Water and minerals

(c) Carbon dioxide                       (d) All of the above


  1. What does the layer called cambium do for a stem?

(a) It keeps stem dry.                           

(b) It provides oxygen for breathing.

(c) It separates the epidermis from the phloem.

(d) It separates the xylem from the phloem.


  1. Seed plants that produces flowers are called ______.

(a) Non-Vascular                         (b) Conifer

(c) Angiosperms                           (d) Gymnosperms


  1. Seed plants that do not produce flowers are called ______.

(a) Gymnosperms                        (b) Angiosperms

(c) Fruit                                          (d) Vascular


  1. What are two main components of sexual reproduction?

(a) Sperms and Spores               (b) Spores and Eggs

(c) Sperms and Eggs                   (d) Fern Leaf and Spore case


  1. What produces sperms and eggs in Moss plants?

(a) Spore case                               (b) Rhizoid

(c) Moss flower                             (d) Leafy moss


Answer Key:

(1)–(b); (2)–(d); (3)–(d); (4)–(a); (5)–(d); (6)–(d); (7)–(c); (8)–(a); (9)–(c); (10)–(d)