Pollution of air and water Worksheet-1

Pollution of air and water Worksheet-1


Fill in the blanks:

  1. The cover of air surrounding the earth is called _______.

  2. Substances polluting air, water and earth are called ______.

  3. Presence of undesirable substance in environment that affects living beings directly or indirectly is called ______.

  4. Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide gases combine with moisture in air and produce ______ which is harmful.

  5. SPM stands for _______.

  6. Milk producing capacity of milking animals decreases due to ______ pollution

  7. Human beings suffer from diseases of trachea and lungs due to ______ pollution

  8. Leaves of plants fall down, so the process of ________ becomes slow.

  9. ______ have great contribution in controlling balance of gases in atmosphere.

  10. ______ gas has a property to absorb heat.

  11. ________ and hydrochlorofluorocarbons have caused depletion of the ozone layer.

  12. Acidic gases mixing in atmosphere dissolve in moisture and produce acids which fall on earth along with rain water, known as _______.

  13. ______ of plants are destroyed due to acid rain.

  14. ______ salts dissolved in acid rain combine with nutrients like calcium and magnesium in the soil.

  1. _____ is addition of any harmful substance or factor to water that degrades water quality.

  2. ______ is a waterborne disease.

  3. Excessive nutrients from sewage and fertilizers cause excessive growth of algae that harms population of aquatic life forms called ________.

  4. ______ pollution raises temperature of water

  5. The  ________  sea has been declared a dead sea since 1950 due to excessive pollution



  1. Atmosphere

  2. Pollutants

  3. Pollution

  4. Acid

  5. Suspended particulate matter

  6. Air

  7. Air

  8. Photosynthesis

  9. Plants or trees

  10. Carbon dioxide

  11. Chlorofluorocarbons

  12. Acid  rain

  13. Leaves

  14. Sulphate

  15. Water pollution

  16. Cholera

  17. Eutrophication

  18. Thermal

  19. Mediterranean