Prepositions Worksheet-1

Prepositions Worksheet-1


  1. The little boy was sitting ____ the corner.

A. at                    B. in                    C. on                   D. to


  1. He was running ______ the lake.

A. about             B. at                    C. like                 D. toward


  1. Her school is ____ Gandhi Road.

A. into                 B. to                    C. on                   D. about


  1. There is a fish _______ the fish tank.

A. on                   B. under             C. into                 D. in


  1. It was just ___ this moment that Maggie came to the door.

A. on                   B. by                   C. at                    D. to


  1. He started playing golf _____ the age of 11.

A. in                    B. to                    C. of                    D. at


  1. How far is the hotel _______ the airport?

A. over                B. until               C. from               D. by


Tick the word, that is a preposition:

  1. Heroes don’t just think of themselves.

A. of                    B. themselves   C. just                 D. think


  1. I have a book _____ schools and education long ago.


  1. They sat near a wood stove _____ cold winter days.


  1. Write the preposition in sentence.

The librarian is always helpful to me.


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-D; (3)-C; (4)-D; (5)-C; (6)-D; (7)-C; (8)-A; (9)-about; (10)-during; (11)-to