Work, Force & Energy Worksheet-6

Work, Force & Energy Worksheet-6


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. A fixed point around which the rod moves is known as:

          (A) Fulcrum                (B) Load                      (C) Effort


  1. A Lever in which the load is located between the fulcrum and effort is known as:

          (A) Class-2 lever        (B) Class-3 lever        (C) Class-1 lever


  1. True/False

a.      Rohit is doing work when he is writing answers of his Math paper.

b.      If you throw a ball up, it comes down due to frictional force.

c.      Frictional force causes to heat up an object.

d.      Complex machines consist of two or more simple machines working together to reduce our work.

e.      A wheelbarrow is an example of class-3 lever.

f.       A machine that uses a single applied force to overcome a single force is known as Simple machine.


Fill in the blanks:

  1. A pull or push acting on an object that causes an object to move is known as ___.
  2. The ability to do work is known as _____.



Answer Key:

(11)   (A)

(12)  (A)

(13)  a. False; b. False; c. True; d. True; e. False; f. True

(14)  Force

(15)  Energy