Rocks, Soil and Minerals Worksheet-5

Rocks, Soil and Minerals Worksheet-5


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. Molten rocks inside the Earth’s core are known as:

(A) Magma                 (B) Lava                       (C) None of these


  1. ____ is the only igneous rock that can float.

(A) Granite                 (B) Pumice                  (C) Obsidian


  1. _____ is used to make lightweight building materials like concrete blocks.

(A) Obsidian               (B) Pumice                 (C) Granite


  1. Which of the following is a sedimentary rock?

(A) Marble                  (B) Obsidian               (C) Gypsum


  1. Which of the following sequence is correct?

(A) Topsoil → Subsoil → Bedrock

(B) Bedrock → Subsoil → Topsoil

(C) Subsoil → Topsoil → Bedrock


  1. The monument in the given picture is situated in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. It is made up of:

(A) Marble                  (B) Granite                 (C) Sandstone


  1. The monument in the given picture is situated in Uttar Pradesh. It is made up of which of the following types of rocks?

(A) Conglomerate     (B) Red sandstone    (C) Shale


Multiple Choice Questions (with more than one option):

  1. Mark the non-metallic mineral/s.

(A) Calcite                   (B) Copper                  (C) Gypsum

(D) Mica                      (E) Feldspar


  1. True/False:

a.      Crust is the innermost layer of the earth.

b.      Tungsten is used in electric bulbs.

c.      The molten rock inside the earth’s core is known as lava.

d.      All the rocks are soft.

e.      Sandstone is soft sedimentary rock used in construction.

f.       Sedimentary rocks contain fossils

g.      Metamorphic rocks are formed due to the physical as well as chemical changes.

h.      The roots of some big trees grow down into the bedrock.

i.       Subsoil form a layer below topsoil and contains large rock.


  1. Match the following


Fill in the blanks:

  1. The middle layer of the Earth is known as _____.   
  2. Molten rock that flows out of volcanoes onto the surface is known as ____.         


Answer Key:

(1)     (A)

(2)    (B)

(3)    (B)

(4)    (C)

(5)    (A)

(6)    (A)

(7)    (B)

(8)    (A,C,D,E)

(9)    a. False; b.-True; c.-False; d.-False; e.-True; f.-True; g.-True; h.-False; i.-True

(10)  1-c; 2-a; 3-d; 4-b

(11)   Mantle

(12)  lava