Essential for Life - Air & Water Worksheet-1

Essential for Life - Air & Water Worksheet-1


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. Which of the following holds the layer of air around the Earth?

(A) Earth’s gravity     (B) Moon’ gravity      (C) Sun’s gravity


  1. What percentage (%) of oxygen is present in the air?

(A) 25%                        (B) 20%                       (C) 21%


  1. Ozone forms a layer in:

(A) Troposphere        (B) Stratosphere       (C) Exosphere


  1. Syringes can be filled due to:

(A) Temperature difference      

(B) Pressure difference

(C) Both of these


  1. Which of the following is insoluble in water?

(A) Salt                         (B) Mud                      (C) Sugar


  1. Which of the following method is used to separate insoluble impurities?

(A) Evaporation         (B) Distillation           (C) Sedimentation


  1. The given picture best describes the process of:

(A) Decantation         (B) Loading                (C) Distillation


  1. Depletion of ozone layer can cause:

(A) Skin cancer

(B) Allergic reaction

(C) Lung cancer


  1. Warm air is lighter than cold air due to:

(A) Expansion            (B) Contraction         (C) It has no effect on air


Multiple Choice Questions (with more than one option)

  1. Which of the following gases are present in the air?

(A) Argon                    (B) Methane               (C) Hydrogen  

       (D) Helium                 (E) Propane


  1. Distilled water is widely used in:

(A) Car batteries       (B) Injections              (C) Drinking

       (D) Medicines           (E) None of these


Answer Key:

(1)-(A); (2)-(C); (3)-(B); (4)-(B); (5)-(B); (6)-(C); (7)-(C); (8)-(A); (9)-(A); (10)-(A,C,D); (11)-(A,B,D)