Light Worksheet-4

Light Worksheet-4


  1. Boojho stands at A just on the side of a plane mirror as shown in Fig. 16.11. Can he see himself in the mirror? Also can he see the image of objects situated at P, Q and R?


  1. What makes things visible?


  1. Can you see an object in the dark?


  1. What is mirror?


  1. What kind of image is formed by a plane mirror?


  1. Where is the image is formed by a plane mirror?


  1. Where does the image form in our eye?


  1. Where no image forms?


  1. How many times the image stays on the retina?


  1. Which bird is called night bird?


  1. Which surface shows regular reflection?


  1. Which surface shows diffused reflection?


  1. What size of image formed in a plane mirror?


  1. How many mirrors are used in Kaleidoscope?


  1. How many colours are there in a light spectrum?


  1. How many colours of light are there in the white light?


  1. What is the shape of human eye?


  1. What are the front transparent parts of the eye called?


  1. What is the small opening of eye called?


  1. Which part of eye is controlled by pupil?



  1. He cannot see his image himself. He can see only the image of P but not of Q and R.


  1. Light


  1. No


  1. A smooth and shiny surface is called a mirror.


  1. Virtual and erect image.


  1. Behind the mirror


  1. At Retina


  1. Blind spot


  1. About 1/16th of a second.


  1. Owl


  1. Smooth or regular surface.


  1. Rough or irregular surface.


  1. Same size of the object.


  1. Three mirrors


  1. Seven colours


  1. Seven colours


  1. Spherical shape


  1. Cornea


  1. Pupil


  1. Iris