Safety and First Aid Worksheet-5

Safety and First Aid Worksheet-5


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. Which of the following is a safe practice?

(A) Throwing the waste on the floor

(B) Throwing the waste in the dustbin to avoid accidents

(C) Keeping the broken toys on the floor


  1. While playing, Ravi fell down and got injured. Which of the following measure should he take?

(A) Call the doctor and wait for him

(B) Cleaned the wound with soap solution

(C) Cleaned the wound first with hot water and then with dettol solution


  1. Identify an instrument used to measure blood pressure.

(A) Stethoscope

(B) Sphygmomanometer

(C) Pump


  1. Identify the sign in the given figure.

(A) Towing zone        (B) No parking           (C) Do not play with fire


  1. Which of the following should be given immediately to an injured person?

(A) Juice                      (B) Milk                        (C) First aid


  1. _____ can be applied on a burnt area.

(A) Sugar

(B) Turmeric powder

(C) Ice


  1. The cotton cloth used to cover the wounds is known as ______.

(A) Band aid               (B) Gauze                     (C) Cloth sling


  1. Which of the following statement is true?

(A) We should touch the electric switches with the wet hands

(B) We should clean the spillage immediately to reduce the risk of accidents

(C) We should run around the swimming pool


Answer Key:

(1)-(B); (2)-(C); (3)-(B); (4)-(C); (5)-(C); (6)-(C); (7)-(B); (8)-(B)