Life Processes Worksheet-41

Life Processes Worksheet-41


Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. Urine leaves the kidney through

(a) urethra                                      (b) collecting duct

(c) renal vein                                 (d) ureter


  1. Nitrogenous wastes are formed from the breakdown of

(a) ammonia                                  (b) fat

(c) amino acids                              (d) water


  1. Amoeba removes excretory wastes through

(a) Exosmosis                               (b) Diffusion

(c) Active transport                     (d) Phagocytosis


  1. Kidneys are present at both the sides of

(a) oesophagus                             (b)vertebral column

(c) Trachea                                     (d) pharynx


  1. A narrow tube extends from kidney is called

(a) Urethra                                     (b) fallopian tube

(c) Ureter                                       (d) Vas deferens


  1. A tuft of artery in Bowman's capsule is called

(a) loop of Henle                          (b) proximal tubule

(c) distal tubule                             (d) glomerulus


  1. Which is the branch of glomerulus drains out blood?

(a) Afferent arteriole                    (b) Efferent arteriole

(c) Renal pelvis                             (d) renal vein


  1. Which is the process of maintaining water content in body?

(a) Excretion                                 (b) Osmoregulation

(c) Defacation                               (d) None


  1. Which is the end product of protein catabolism in liver?

(a) Urea                                          (b) Uric acid

(c) Creatinine                                (d) Hippuric acid


  1. In which part of nephron maximum water is reabsorbed?

(a) Bowman’s capsule                 (b) Glomerulus

(c) Loop of Henle                         (d) Collecting duct



  1. (d)

  2. (c)

  3. (a)

  4. (b)

  5. (d)

  6. (d)

  7. (b)

  8. (b)

  9. (a)

  10. (c)