Basics of Chemistry Worksheet-1

 Basics of Chemistry Worksheet-1 


  1. What is used to measure a property of any matter?

A. Standard units                         B. Standard properties

C. Standard descriptions            D. Standard verbiage


  1. Which country uses the English system most frequently?

A. Ireland                                       B. Japan

C. United States                            D. Brazil


  1. The metric system is based on units of ___.

A. 1                      B. 10                 C. 100                 D. 1000


  1. Which of the following unit is a part of metric system?

A. Centimeter    B. Foot              C. Yard               D. Mile


  1. Two or more atoms combined make a _____.

A. Muli-atoms                              B. Molecule      

C. Organic element                      D. Neutrons


  1. Where does the neutron reside in an atom?

A. In the outer layer of the atom

B. In the middle layer of the atom

C. In the nucleus of the atom

D. Everywhere


  1. What kind of charge does an electron have?

A. Positive         B. Negative        C. Both               D. North


  1. Which of the following is not a physical property?

A. Mass              B. Volume          C. Density          D. Flammability


  1. Which of the following form of matters will have most number of particles in a same amount of space?

A. Liquid            B. Gas                 C. Solid              D. None of the above


  1. What causes the weight of an object to feel different on the Moon compared to the weight of that object on the Earth?

A. Atmosphere                              B. Gravity

C. Sunlight                                     D. Dust on the Moon


Answer Key:

1.-(a); 2.-(c); 3.-(b); 4.-(a); 5.-(b); 6.-(c); 7.-(b); 8.-(d); 9.-(c); 10.-(b)