Basics of Physics Worksheet-2

Basics of Physics Worksheet-2


  1. What kind of energy is produced by an electrical motor?

A. Solar energy                             B. Electrical energy

C. Thermal (Heat) energy D. Mechanical energy


  1. Which of the following circuit will not have flowing electric current?

A. Open circuit                             B. Close circuit

C. Series circuit                            D. Parallel circuit


  1. Which of the following has electricity stored in it?

A. A Cell (battery)                        B. A fan

C. A bulb                                        D. A television


  1. How does wind change the earth's surface?

A. By depositing ice and snow in oceans

B. By blowing dust, soil, and sand from one place to other.

C. By destroying trees

D. By adding oxygen to the earth


  1. What kind of heat transfer is this? Colder air is pushed down and hot air moves upward making upper atmosphere warmer.

A. Transportation                        B. Radiation

C. Conduction                               D. Convection


  1. What will happen after the light passes through the lens?

A. It will be blocked                     B. It will split into colors

C. It will focus on a point            D. It will spread apart


  1. What is the angle A in the following picture?

A. 55º                 B. 35º                 C. 65º                 D. 90º


  1. Which of the following example not getting any work done?

A. A girl is lifting a book 2 meter high

B. Two kids are pulling a bag of toys for 5 feet

C. A ball is lying on the floor

D. A boy is running for 10 min


  1. An object in motion will change its _____.

A. Color              B. Size                C. Position         D. Shape


  1. If you make a sound, in what direction will it travel?

A. Straight in form of you                   

B. Straight in form of you and then bounce back

C. In all directions around you

D. Only in a direction you send it to


Answer Key:

1.-(d); 2.-(a); 3.-(a); 4.-(b); 5.-(d); 6.-(c); 7.-(a); 8.-(c); 9.-(c); 10.-(c)