Beaks and Claws of Birds Worksheet-1

Beaks and claws of birds

  1. Birds like crow, sparrow have four toes, three in the front and one at the back. This characteristic helps them to hold the branches of the trees very firmly and can even sleep on it at nights. Such birds are known as:

A. Perching birds

B. Wading birds

C. Climbing birds


  1. Swimming birds usually have:

A. Broad, flat beaks with tiny holes on the sides

B. Long and slender beaks

C. Short beaks

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  1. Identify a perching bird.

A. Crow

B. Penguin

C. Duck


  1. Identify a climbing bird.

A.   Duck

B. Sparrow

C. Woodpecker


  1. Scratching birds have:

A. Webbed feet

B. Thin long legs with broad toes

C. Three toes directed forward and one toe at the back with sharp horny claws


  1. Which type of feet do the swimming birds have?

A. Webbed feet with special skin between the toes

B. Long, thin legs

C. Short legs with sharp claws


  1. A woodpecker has:

A. Short, sharp beak

B. Chisel shaped strong and heavy beak

C. Long, slender and curved beak


  1. A duck has:

A. Soft and long beak

B. Broad and flat beak with strainers

C. Long and pointed beak


Answer Key:

(1)–C; (2)–A; (3)–C; (4)–A; (5)–C; (6)–A; (7)–A; (8)–A