Forest-our lifeline Worksheet-2

Forest-our lifeline Worksheet-2


Multiple-Choice Questions:

  1. Plants that give us medicine are:

(a) Pine and sandalwood                (b) Neem and eucalyptus

(c) Vanilla and kewra                      (d) All of these


  1. Deforestation refers to:

(a) cultivation of crops                   (b) planting of trees

(c) depletion of forests                   (d) disappearance of forests


  1. Which of the following was the factor in development of timber plantations?

(a) Lands used for cultivation of food crops were converted into timber plantations

(b) Natural forests were cleared to make way

(c) Tribals were encouraged to settle in forest villages

(d) Natural forests were left untouched


  1. Which of the following is not a feature of 'scientific forestry'?

(a) Forest officials do not survey and estimate the area

(b) One type of trees are planted in rows

(c) Natural forests are cut down

(d) Area cut (depletion in number of trees) is replanted


  1. Forests were categorised by the Forest Act of:

(a) 1927               (b) 1865              (c) 1878               (d) 1906


  1. Imperial Forest Reserve Institute was set up in:

(a) Missouri       (b) Shimla         (c) Dehradun       (d) Bangalore


  1. Which of the following species of trees were suited for building ships and railways?

(a) Rosewood and Sal                     (b) Sal and Semur

(c) Teak and Sal                               (d) Teak and Mahogany


  1. Which of the following is a new development in forestry?

(a) Scientific forestry                      

(b) Keeping communities away from forests

(c) Collecting timber                      

(d) Conservation of forests


Answer Key:

  1. (B)
  2. (D)
  3. (B)
  4. (A)
  5. (C)
  6. (C)
  7. (C)
  8. (D)