Soil Worksheet-7

Soil Worksheet-7


Fill in the Blank:

  1. The big pieces of rocks that are broken down by wind and water into smaller pieces till we get a fine powder is called _______.

  2. ______ is formed when sand mixes with organic matter and minerals.

  3. We need ______ gas to breathe.

  4. The process of soil formation is called ________.

  5. Garden soil that consists of clay, sand, and humus is called _____.

  6. ______ soil is usually very good for growing plants.

  7. ______ particles are extremely fine.

  8. The layer of the soil made up of fine sand and humus is called the ______.

  9. The removal of the fertile topsoil by the action of wind and water is called ________.

  10. The dark-coloured substance formed from dead remains of plants and animals is called ______.

  11. The process of growing different types of crops on farmland so that the soil has time to recover the minerals that the previous crop has used is called _________.

  12. Protection of soil from erosion is known as _______.


Answer Key:

  1. Sand

  2. Soil

  3. Oxygen

  4. Pedogenesis

  5. loam soil

  6. Loamy

  7. Clay

  8. top soil

  9. soil erosion

  10. humus

  11. crop rotation

  12. soil conservation