Simple past tense Session-1

Simple past tense Session-1

We usually use the short forms (wasn't/weren't] when we are speaking or writing a friendly letter:

  1. Anila wasn't at home yesterday.

We use was and were to talk about the past:

  1. I was a student of College of Science from 1991 to 1994.

  2. She was swimming champion. (not now)

  3. It was very hot last August.

  4. They were at the club until midnight.

We use there was.../there were:., to talk about something in the past .

  1. There was a small party in the school last Sunday.

  2. There was a small pond in the garden.

We use there was with a singular noun or with an uncountable noun  :

  1. There was a football match in the park last week.

  2. There was some  bread in the cupboard yesterday.