Sorting and Separation of Materials into Groups Worksheet-2

Sorting and Separation of Materials into Groups Worksheet-2


  1. If the components of a substance cannot be further separated by any physical method, implies that the substance is 

(a) Suspension                              (b) Pure

(c) Mixture                                    (d) Impure


  1. Steel spoons used for cooking become hot easily. They are often given handles of 

(a) Copper         (b) Iron              (c) Wood            (d) Aluminum


  1. The air that we breath in, is a …………. of gases like carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, water vapor and other gases.

(a) Mixture                                    (b) Compound

(c) Element                                    (d) None of these


  1. Which of the following statements is false?

(a) Tea can be separated from the leaves by filtration

(b) A mixture of salt and sand can be separated by distillation

(c) Winnowing will separate wheat grains from husk and dust

(d) A mixture of sand and salt is partially soluble in water


  1. Match the both columns and select the correct option from the codes given below:




A. Removal of larger particles from smaller ones

P. Loading


B. Separation of cream from milk

Q. Filtration


C. Separation of a mixture of mud and water

R. Churning


D. The process of making mud particles heavy

S. Sieving



Answer Key:

(1)–(b); (2)–(c); (3)–(a); (4)–(b); (5)–(A-S, B-R, C-Q, D-P)