Subtraction Workbook-1

Class 1 CBSE Addition Subtractions Mixed Word Problems Worksheets, Online Quizzes
This workbook contains worksheets on Subtraction for Grade 1 students.
- Worksheets are accompanied by attractive images.
- By the end of these worksheets students will be able to –
1. Add & subtract small numbers with ease.
2. Use strategies to solve +/- problems.
3. Add & subtract 2- digit numbers & understand the inverse relationship of the properties.
4. Calculate and build fluency with 2 digit addition & subtraction with and without regrouping, and apply to problems in context.
5. Solve problems with appropriate statements (using appropriate technology)
6. Add & Subtract in various methods like-
• Matching, Pictorial method, Horizontally, Vertically, By drawing lines, Colour in puzzles.

Download Subtraction Workbook-1

class 1 math subtraction worksheets download