Synthetic fibres and plastics Worksheet-1

Synthetic fibres and plastics Worksheet-1


  1. Which of the following is the synthetic fibre is used for making carpets and blankets?

A. Wool                                           B. Rayon

C. Acrylic (orlon or acrilon)       D. Polywool


  1. Rayon is different from synthetic fibres because-

A. It has a silk-like appearance.

B. It is obtained from wood pulp.

C. Its fibres can also be woven like those of natural fibres.




These objects are made up of _____.

A. Polystyrene                               B. Acrilan

C. Polyethylene                    D. PVC


  1. Which of the following is used for making electric switches?

A. Melamine                                  B. Bakelite

C. P.V.C                                          D. Polypropylene


  1. Melamine _____.

A. Is a thermosetting plastic      B. Is a thermoplastic

C. Is a low density plastic           D. Is resistant to heat


  1. Which of the following is used for making artificial floor covering?

A. P.V.C

B. High density polyethylene

C. Polypropylene

D. Polystyrene


  1. Terycot is used for making aprons used in laboratories. It consists of ____.

A. Polyester and cotton               B. Rayon and cotton

C. Orlon and cotton                     D. Jute and cotton



  1. C


  1. B

Explanation: Rayon is obtained by chemical treatment of wood pulp. It is a semi synthetic fibre.


  1. A


  1. B

Explanation: Bakelite is a thermosetting polymer. It is hard and is poor conductor of heat and electricity.


  1. A

Explanation: Melamine is a thermosetting plastic.


  1. A

Explanation: Polyvinyl chloride is used for making artificial floor covering.


  1. A

Explanation: Terrylene is a polyester which is mixed with cotton to make terycot. Terylene is highly resistant to the action of chemicals. It is quite strong and durable. Terycot has a better absorbing capacity as compared to terylene.