The fundamental unit of life Worksheet-1

The fundamental unit of life Worksheet-1


Fill in blanks:

  1. ____ is the study of living organisms.


  1. ___ is the basic structural and functional unit of life.


  1. ____ is commonly called the physical basis of life.


  1. When a living plant cell loses water through osmosis, there is shrinkage of the contents of the cell away from the cell wall. This phenomenon is known as ____.


  1. _____ protects the cells against pathogens.


  1. Organisms having nuclear membrane are called _____.


  1. The fluid part of the cell between the cell membrane and the nucleus is the____.


  1. The nucleoplasm possesses a mass of genetic material known as_____.


  1. The ____ initiates cell division in animal cells.


  1. In plants, golgi bodies are called ______.


Answer Key:

  1. Biology

  2. Cell

  3. protoplasm

  4. Plasmolysis

  5. Cell wall

  6. Eukaryotes

  7. cytoplasm

  8. chromation

  9. Centrosome

  10. dictyosomes