Adaptations for temperate forests



  • Animals in temperate deciduous forests also have to adapt to the changing seasons.
  • They must be able to cope with cold winters when food is in short supply.
  • Many animals hibernate or migrate to warmer regions during winter.
  • Animals like squirrels and chipmunks gather food during summer and store it for eating during winter, when food is hard to find.



  • Deciduous trees are trees that shed their leaves once a year at the approach of a cold or dry season and later grow new leaves.

Temperate/Deciduous trees

  • Most trees are deciduous in temperate forests.
  • They have thin, broad leaves that allow them to easily capture sunlight, which is required for making food.

Maple leaf

  • Broad leaves are not able to bear the freezing winter and can get damaged easily.
  • To prevent damage, trees shed their leaves during winter.


Birch tree