Vocabulary Worksheet-1

Vocabulary Worksheet-1


  1. Handling something gingerly is to handle it ______

A. roughly and carelessly           B. easily

C. cautiously or tenderly             D. throw it away


  1. When something is modern it is

A. old fashioned                            B. traditional

C. new and hip                              D. used


  1. detest

A. to hate

B. having common sense

C. to believe without proof

D. very beautiful, something delicate


  1. melancholy

A. very bossy                                  B. stand against

C. full of self-importance           D. overwhelming sadness


  1. The driver and the passenger both suffered ______ injuries. The police stated it was a serious accident.

A. lustrous         B. severe             C. weak              D. careless


  1. jocular

A. merry, happy                            B. acceptable

C. polite                                          D. similar


  1. Another word for a small stream is a

A. interlace                                    B. rivulet

C. abdomen                                   D. windbreaker


  1. artifacts

A. hills of sand

B. type of cooking related to a particular place

C. having the literal meaning opposite of that intended

D. useful article made by people


  1. abundance

A. charming to look at

B. in great quantity

C. waste dumps

D. useful article made by people


  1. invariably

A. suddenly, quick and short

B. always the same, without change

C. moving from place to place

D. the outcome or conclusion


Answer Key:

  1. C

  2. C

  3. A

  4. D

  5. B

  6. A

  7. B

  8. D

  9. B

  10. B