Vocabulary Worksheet-4

Vocabulary Worksheet-4


  1. Which word means the same as "leap" in the given sentence?" The monkey can leap from tree to tree."

A. drop               B. jump              C. walk               D. wave


  1. Which verb best completes the sentence? Maya _____ her best on her last test.

A. try                  B. tries                C. tried               D. trying


  1. When you ______, you are deciding what might happen in the future.

A. infer               B. inquire          C. predict           D. compare


  1. What is the correct meaning of word STRANDED?

A. having no people living there

B. sent up into the air

C. in a helpless or difficult position

D. none of these


  1. Which of these prefixes means "again"?

A. un                   B. dis                  C. im                   D. re


  1. A clear, rock like form that is created when a substance changes into a solid is called:

A. sediment                                    B. crystal

C. pea gravel                                  D. none of these


  1. "The uppermost layer of soil that covers much of the earths surface where plants grow best."

A. topsoil           B. humas           C. weathering   D. delta


  1. burning pieces of wood

A. coal                B. metal             C. wood              D. ice


  1. fathomless

A. short              B. empty            C. bottomless    D. broken


  1. accompanied

A. go alone                                     B. go with someone

C. covered                                      D. not thankful


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-C; (3)-C; (4)-C; (5)-D; (6)-B; (7)-A; (8)-A; (9)-C; (10)-B