Housing and Clothing Worksheet-2

Housing and Clothing Worksheet-2


Multiple -Choice Question:

  1. Which of the following house is not very strong?

A. Kutcha          B. Pucca             C. Igloo


  1. Which of the following house do people make where it rains a lot?





  1. In ice cold places, people cut blocks of ice to make houses called ______.

A. Caravans      B. Tents              C. Igloos


  1. Some people also make houses on boats. These are called _______.

A. Houseboats B. Gumboats     C. Mudboats


  1. Which of the following is a houseboat?





  1. A house can have _____ or _____ rooms.

A. One, many    B. Sweet, sour  C. Bad, good


  1. A good house should be _____ and ______.

A. Airy, clean    B. Dusty, dirty  C. Dirty, airy


  1. A clean house helps us to stay ______ and ______.

A. Healthy, happy

B. Happy, ill

C. Sad, wealthy


  1. ____ and _____ grow in dirty places.

A. Insects, germs

B. Peanuts , fruits

C. Sunflowers, lilyflowers


  1. Germs and insects spread______.

A. Money           B. Diseases        C. Flowers


Answer Key:

  1. A
  2. A
  3. C
  4. A
  5. B
  6. A
  7. A
  8. A
  9. A
  10. B