Our environment Worksheet-2

Our environment Worksheet-2


  1. Which of the following are biodegradable waste?

A. DDT                                            B. polythene bags

C. Cloth                                           D. Paper

E. Wool                                           F. glass

G. silver foil                                   H. Leather

I. Earthen pot


  1. Which of the following belonging to a food chain is likely to have maximum concentration of harmful chemicals in its body?

A. Kingfisher                                  B. Zooplankton

C. Fish                                             D. Peacock

E. Hawk                                          F. Birds

G. Grasshopper


  1. Which of the following belong to the same trophic level?

A. Grasshopper                             B. Frog

C. Grass                                          D. Lizard


  1. Which of the following belong to the same trophic level?

A. Goat               B. Grass             C. Crow              D. Squirrel


  1. Which of the following materials are non-biodegradable?

A. Paper             B. Leather         C. Nylon             D. Eggshell

E. Glass              F. glucose          G. silver foil


  1. Which of the following belong to the first trophic level:

A. Grasshopper                             B. Rose plant

C. Neem tree                                 D. Cockroach

E. Sunflower plant                       F. Banyan tree


  1. Which of the following belong to the second trophic level:

A. Frog                                            B. Butterfly

C. Spider                                        D. Rice weevil

E. Parrot


  1. Which one of the following is not a part of the biotic environment:

A. Water            B. Algae             C. Fish                D. Air

E. Bacteria



  1. C,D,E,H,I

  2. A,D,E,F

  3. B,D

  4. A,D

  5. C,E,G

  6. B,C,E,F

  7. B,D,E

  8. A,D