Tense mixed review Worksheet-51

Tense mixed review Worksheet-51


  1. Anita always ____to make new friends.

A. try                   B. tries                C. Don’t try        D. Doesn’t tries


  1. Jay ____two miles every day.

A. run                 B. runs               C. running         D. Doesn’t runs


  1. Ali often ____with the band.

A. marches        B. marchies       C. march            D. marching


  1. Jay and I ____presents at Christmas.

A. opening         B. opens             C. Don’t open    D. Doesn’t open


  1. When there is a fire, the firemen ____to put it out. After the fire ____out, they ____home.

A. Rushes, is, go                           B. Rush, is, go

C. Rushes, is, goes                        D. Rush, is, goes


  1. I ____tired.  I ____I will read a book.

A. Am, think                                  B. Don’t, think

C. Am not, doesn’t think             D. Am, thinks


  1. Sheeli  ____this quiz is hard.  But I  ____!

A. Doesn’t think, do                     B. Doesn’t thinks, does

C. Doesn’t think, does                  D. Doesn’t think, don’t


  1. I always ____vegetables.  Carrots ____my favorite.

A. Eat, is            B. Eats, are       C. Eat, are         D. Don’t eats, are


  1. Ranu ____swimming in the ocean, but she ____afraid of sharks.

A. Likes, is         B. Like, is           C. Likes, was     D. Liked, is


  1. It ____really cold outside, and I ____ ____a jacket!

A. Is, don’t have                            B. Was, don’t have

C. Is, doesn’t have                        D. Has, doesn’t have


  1. We ____it is fun to ride roller coasters.

A. Don’t think                                B. Doesn’t think

C. Doesn’t thinks                          D. Don’t thinks


  1. ____Rama and Kamya ____for eggs every Sunday?

A. Do, hunt        B. Do, hunts      C. Does, hunt    D. Does, hunts


  1. The simple present tense (be)____easy!

A. is                     B. was                 C. were               D. none


  1. My family ____to visit the pyramids in Egypt.

A. Doesn’t want                             B. Don’t want

C. want                                            D. Doesn’t wants


  1. Diya ____the summer. She also ____winter.

A. Loves, likes                               B. Loves, doesn’t like

C. Doesn’t love, likes                   D. Love, like


  1. ____Leena and Tanmay ____to the coast every year?

A. Do, go                                         B. Does, goes

C. Do, goes                                     D. Does, go


  1. The baby ____every time it ____to be fed.

A. Cries, wants                              B. Cried, wants

C. Crys, wants                                D. Doesn’t cry, want


  1. You  ____to exercise in order to stay healthy.

A. need                                            B. Don’t needs

C. needs                                          D. Doesn’t need


  1. What time (be)____Rama getting here?  She (be) ____late!

A. Is, is               B. Was, is           C. Was, was       D. Is, was


  1. Sona ____the science contest every year.  She ____so smart!

A. Wins, is         B. Win, is           C. Wins, was     D. Doesn’t win, is


Answer Key:

(21)-B; (22)-B; (23)-A; (24)-C; (25)-B; (26)-A; (27)-A; (28)-C; (29)-A; (30)-A; (31)-A; (32)-A; (33)-A; (34)-A; (35)-A; (36)-A; (37)-A; (38)-A; (39)-A; (40)-A