Living and Non-living things Worksheet-2

Living and non-living things


  1. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

(A) Animals are also known as producers

(B) Animals depend on others for their food

(C) All the animals have backbone


  1. Which of the following can respond to the changes occurred in the environment?

(A) Mountains        (B) Trees

(C) Water

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  1. Kruti planted two plants, one in POT A and other in POT B. She watered both the plants daily. She kept POT A in open sunny area and POT B in closed dark room. Few days later, she observed that the plant in POT A had grown well while the plant in POT B died. What might be the reason for the same?

(A) Plant A was more stronger than the plant B

(B) Dark room kills the plant B

(C) Plant A had received enough sunlight, water and air for its proper growth


  1. Insects breathe through:

(A) Gills

(B) Lungs

(C) Spiracles


  1. Which of the following is a living thing?

(A) Clouds         (B) Trees            (C) Fire


  1. Plants get carbon dioxide from:

(A) Soil

(B) Living organism

(C) Air


Multiple Choice Questions: (with more than one option)

  1. Feelings and movements are exhibited by:

      (A) Animals      (B) Trees            (C) Birds            (D) Human being

(E) Flower


Answer Keys:

(8)–B; (9)–B; (10)–C; (11)–C; (12)–B; (13)–C; (14)–A, C, D