Components of Food Worksheet-1

Components of Food Worksheet-1


Fill in the Blanks:

  1. Proteins are extremely large molecules made up of _______.        


  1. Vitamin _______ acts as an antioxidant.       


Multiple choice questions:

  1. For lasting energy and a healthy weight, avoid foods with:

(A) lots of complex carbohydrates

(B) lots of simple carbohydrates

(C) lots of protein

(D) lots of water


  1. Addition of iodine to food from your lunch box turned its colour to blue-black. What component is present in the food?

(A) Starch                                       (B) Protein

(C) Oil                                              (D) Vitamin D


  1. A slice of any fruit will test positive for:

(A) Carbohydrate                         (B) Protein

(C) Fat                                            (D) All of these


  1. Carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, are rich source of:

(A) Vitamin K                                (B) Vitamin B

(C) Vitamin D                                (D) Vitamin A


  1. Symptoms like stunted growth, swelling of face, discolouration of hair, skin diseases and diarrhoea may be due to:

(A) Deficiency of proteins          (B) Deficiency of carbohydrates

(C) Deficiency of iron                  (D) Deficiency of vitamin k


  1. When you eat foods that contain a lot of calories but very few nutrients we say you are eating:

(A) Minerals

(B) Empty calories

(C) Balanced diet


  1. Vitamins and minerals contained in food comprise:

(A) Macronutrients 

(B) Micronutrients  

(C) Balanced diet


  1. _________ provides faecal bulk and helps in bowel movement.

(A) Lactose        (B) Starch          (C) Maltose       (D) Cellulose


Answer Key:

  1. Amino-acids /Amino-acid / Amino acids / Amino acid
  2. E
  3. (B)
  4. (A)
  5. (A)
  6. (D)
  7. (A)
  8. (B)
  9. (B)
  10. (D)