Movement in snail



•    A snail is a very slow-moving animal.

•    Snails have a shell, inside which they can hide to protect themselves from heat and enemies.

A snail

•    The shell is the outer skeleton, but is not made of bones.

•    They also have a pair of tentacles that bear eyes at the tips.

•    Snails move using a muscular organ called the foot.

A snail

•    The foot produces a slimy substance called mucous. It crawls on the layer of mucous.

•    The mucous reduces the friction between the foot and the ground (or any other surface) by offering a smoother surface to crawl on.

•    The muscular foot produces wave-like movements that push the snail's body forward.

•    A trail of mucous is left behind when the snail crawls.

•    Sticky mucous also enables the snail to crawl on a variety of surfaces.