Verb Notes-8 [Level-5]

Verb Notes-8 [Level-5]


Future tense recap:

Form of the verb - will + original verb / will be


  1. She will come to my house tomorrow.


  1. The young man will be a great actor some day.


  1. My friend will be ten years old next week.


Uses of future tense:

Simple Future Tense: Used to express actions that will take place in the time to come.


  1. She will visit us tomorrow.


Future tense with the "going to" form:


  1. We are going to watch television in the evening.


  1. Look at the clouds. I am sure it is going to rain.


Future continuous tense:

Form of the verb - will be + verb (ing)


  1. My friend will be travelling to Mumbai next week.


USES: To express an action that will be ongoing at some point of time in the future.


  1. I will be studying hard at this time tomorrow.


  1. She will be meeting her friends at the party next week.


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