"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live"


•      Health is the general condition of the mind, body, and spirit.

•      Healthy body is usually defined as the body which is free from illness, injury, or pain.

•      This means that both the mind and the body must be completely fit for a person to be considered healthy.

•      There are some factors essential for maintaining a healthy body.

•      Like: eating proper food in right quantity at right time, taking appropriate rest, maintaining hygiene, doing physical and mental exercise, etc.


Proper Food:

•      Maintaining good eating habits is essential for a healthy mind and body.




•      It is the science that deals with preservation and promotion of health of both individual and community.

•      It is actually defined as ‘cleanliness’.




•      Adequate rest is not only necessary for our body but it is important for a healthy brain too.

•      We feel tired when our body does not have enough time to rest.




•      Exercise can be of any form.

•      Like: playing sports, dancing, skipping, climbing stairs, jumping, walking, etc.

•      Exercise helps to build a strong body and a healthy mind.


Correct Posture:


•      The position of our body when we sit, stand, or walk is called posture.

•      The posture which produces least strain on our back while doing work is called good posture.