Balanced diet


•      Eating a balanced diet means providing nutrients to our body by consuming a wide variety of foods and drinks from all the food groups.

•      A diet that contains adequate amount of different components of food required for the healthy functioning of our body is called a balanced diet.

A balanced diet chart containing components of food in adequate amount

•      Our diet must include adequate amount of different components of food for our body to remain healthy.

•      Our goal is to take in all the nutrients that we need to maintain our health.

•      Healthy eating begins with learning how to ‘eat smart’.

•      Learning the habits of healthy eating can boost our energy and sharpen our memory.


Points to Remember:

•      We should eat slowly.

•      We should enjoy our meals.

•      Lack of minerals in our body can cause many diseases.


Table 3: Diseases caused due to the deficiency of minerals